Travel Medicine

If you are traveling abroad for either work or leisure, we want to help make sure you’re safe.  Our doctors have decades of experience in Travel Medicine and can help ensure your health is not compromised during your travel.

Some countries have diseases that are not endemic to Canada such as measles, cholera, hepatitis, japanese encephalitis, malaria, typhoid, or yellow fever.  Our Travel Medicine doctors can determine if immunizations or medications are needed and if they are safe for you to take.

How Close To My Travel Should I Book My Travel Medicine Appointment?

We generally advise booking your appointment with us once your tickets are booked. Coming in for your appointment 4-8 weeks prior to travel is ideal.  Most immunizations require at least 2 weeks to produce an immune response and are effective. Some immunizations also require booster shots to maximize effectiveness.  If you are travelling sooner than that, our doctors can still provide recommendations on vaccines and medications that are necessary for disease-prevention.

Does Grace Medical Have Medications or Immunizations On Site?

No – Your doctor will be able to prescribe the medications or immunizations needed. The prescription can be picked up at any pharmacy of your choice.  Most pharmacies will also inject your vaccine (if prescribed), but if you prefer, you can have it injected with your doctor at Grace Medical as well.

Is Grace Medical an Approved Yellow Fever Vaccine Centre?

NO- we are currently not an approved Yellow Fever Vaccine Centre.

Are Travel Medicine Consultations Covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately not – OHIP does not cover the cost of Travel Medicine Consults ($80).  Medications/Vaccines/Immunizations may also incur additional costs at your pharmacy.